GRACE   believes that every child has a right to quality education regardless of their family’s economic status. In its education model, it ensures that primary care and support is accorded to every child by having their education, nutrition, life skills, safety and health needs met. Through its work in rural Kenya, GRACE is particularly concerned about orphans and other vulnerable children in schools and the community. Its initiatives ensure that these children are identified and educated in competitive institutions of learning where they are allowed to develop into resilient and responsible young people.

GRACE also runs a school feeding program which ensures that the children not only acquire learning at the school but also enjoy a hot nutritious breakfast and lunch. Specifically, GRACE Initiative has successfully been able to provide 41,440 meals in a year to students in Kisii, Kenya.

In addition to nutrition, GRACE endeavors to provide scholarships for the orphans and vulnerable children to ensure that they successfully complete their primary education. To date around 500 students have benefited from the scholarship program. In some cases, GRACE also seeks scholarships from other institutions, to support students entering high school.

Above all GRACE places the well- being of children at center stage through its mentorship and life skills program. Invaluable knowledge is imparted on the lives of the young children where they learn about self-esteem, decision making, career choices as well as creating positive relationships with others.