Better Health

GRACE Initiative believes that learners who start school with the poorest health status, have the most to gain from the health and nutrition programmes. They also stand to gain the most educationally since they show the greatest development in cognition as a result of health intervention. In its health model, GRACE Initiative seeks to focus on preventative care, improving nutrition education, life-skills, counselling, hygiene, sexual and reproductive health for the learners. These health programmes mainly benefit the underprivileged and disadvantaged.Good health is crucial for learning and cognitive ability. Healthy children learn well.

GRACE also provides sanitary towels and other menstrual sanitary supplies to the girls at the school it operates, and other neighbouring schools. This has seen girls’ absenteeism rate reduce significantly since no girls miss attending school.

As part of its long-term goals, GRACE Initiative hopes to expand its health faucet through seeking to forge strategic partnerships with various Organizations as well as the local county hospitals on improving preventative health care and community outreach programs. It is also looking to recruit a full-time community health nurse who will not only serve the school that GRACE operates but also work with and within the community in raising awareness and improve their health conditions and nutrition.